Episode 159 – Valentines Day Massacre

The boys bring you a special Valentine’s day spectacular! Complete with a fancy table set up and waiter. As they dine, they tell insult each other and stories which include Foley’s worst break-up, Andrew’s valentine’s day shopping, Kevin’s preparations for his Germany show, and much more! They also get in a big fight with their waiter, Scarsdale. Pour a glass of champagne and listen!

ARE YOU GARBAGE – New Podcast Episode!

The boys are back in NYC after spending the Christmas break with their families. Each person took inventory of the products and items in their parents’ home for a fun new game called: “ARE YOU GARBAGE?”(Spoiler alert: Some of the guys are complete garbage). Andrew spent the break getting drunk and assembling a trampoline for his nieces, while Kevin continues his 10 year tradition of getting drunk with his friends on Christmas Eve and ends up making some derogatory remarks towards some friends. The Great Boy has an emotional holiday with close knit family while Foley contemplates if his parents are too old for the new puppy they purchased.

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New Podcast Episode!

The boys are back to discuss weird family traditions for the holidays in the Foley household, like pajamas and drinking milk. Kevin getting some hate mail from Altoona, PA regarding his bashing of the hotel from their road gig. Derek has to leave early but fills the gang in on taping his half hour for a comedy central submission. Andrew getting ready for Christmas and sharing the personal info of a listener for getting fired at Goodwill. And much more!! Brought to you by Alphonso J. Toona and our loyal listeners! Be a part of our Patreon now at www.patreon.com/CenterCityComedy


Life Stream of Episode 145 – Naked in the Gym

They boys are back fresh off the election and briefly discuss the newly elected President Trump. They also test out the new MEVO live stream camera system (thanks to your GoFundMe donations!), Foley shares his ongoing housing problems when some local homeless people apparently move into the living room. Kippy fills the gang in on how is German lady is coming to town and the vacation they have planned. He also hints a possible European tour! Andrew settles into his new apartment and gets a glimpse of what life will be like living with his girlfriend. Also the guys have some girl talk and start discussing their dream weddings – which leads to some drama when they realize some people on the podcast, may not get a wedding invite. Brought to you by Champ’s Studios!

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Center City Comedy LIVE at The Stand!


Each month the guys behind The Center City Comedy Podcast host their live stand up showcase. Comedians Derek Gaines, H.Foley, Kevin Ryan, and Andrew Schiavone welcome some of the best comics in New York City for this stand up comedy show. Reserve your seats now. $5 tickets with promo code: center city



New Podcast with J-Train!

This week Kevin, Foley, and Andrew sit down with Jared Frei – a funny stand-up comic in NYC and host of the popular J-Train Podcast.  Jared got his start in comedy writing for Total Frat Move and Brobile then transitioned to stand up. Kevin recounts the story of being punched in the head by a crazy person on the train earlier that morning, and the guys weigh in on how they would have handled the situation.  It becomes apparent early on in the episode that Foley has a huge man crush on Jared and has trouble hiding it. Since Jared is the authority on college and frat life and his podcast focuses on helping college kids and post grads – Andrew and Foley tell tales from the glory years of joining and pledging a frat in college.  In honor of our guest we have a special Hometown News segment for Needham, MA.