Center City Comedy is a group of comics who tell jokes, make videos, and enjoy making fun of each other. The group got their start in the Philadelphia comedy scene running a weekly show at the Raven Lounge – and has since grown into a creative outlet that produces live shows, podcasts, sketches and short films.

Since 2012 the group has been in New York City hitting stages and producing content.

We laugh – we have fun.

The gang is made up of Chris Cotton, H. Foley, Kevin Ryan, Derek Gaines, Andrew Schiavone and Dave Temple.

Email: CenterCityComedy@gmail.com

Find us on Reddit:  www.reddit.com/r/centercitycomedy

3 thoughts on “About

  1. You guys should put the email address on your mobile website. Idk if it’s on there w a computer cus I don’t feel like grabbing my laptop atm.


    When talking about Schiavone’s creepy chick who skipped every step and jumped straight to long term relationship, you guys should’ve done more of all of your impressions of him during the story. I think ol Hanky boy does it best.


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