Kind words from the podcast listeners

Just wanted to say thanks for all the positive feedback we’ve gotten over the last few weeks. We really appreciate the support and love hearing from the listeners. If you listen – feel free to hit us up on Facebook/twitter/email.  We often read the emails on the podcast. Thanks again – looking forward to hearing from you.  IMG_7651

2 thoughts on “Kind words from the podcast listeners

  1. Episode 96
    WTF happened?
    I couldn’t listen after 10 minutes.
    I had to turn UP the volume to hear everyone
    Then when Derek Gaines spoke I’d have to lower it – it was freaking TOO LOUD on his Mic.
    After doing this numerous times – I decided I wasn’t going to do this for another 40 minutes.
    Couldn’t this be fixed in editing or something?
    Who was in charge of the mic checks or editing?

    **constantly having to adjust my volume was ANNOYING

    Besides that – your podcast is good. Not Derek’s fault


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